29 August 2014

Brisbane Ekka part 2 // Fisheye

So you can probably tell that the regular posts have been a little off this past month. And by off, I mean practically non-existent. This is the busiest time of year for me at work, mainly working on end of financial year things like annual reports. Although it is nice to be kept busy, it's currently pretty hectic - we've got a handful of due dates looming in the next few weeks, and I will be out of the office now for almost two of them! Next Tuesday and Wednesday I'm heading to a two day conference on innovation in government that I was nominated for. While it does sound pretty interesting, I didn't realise the time of it... considering I'm then off work from that Friday until the next Friday as the wife and I are heading to Perth to visit my mum and stepdad. While my colleague will still be in the office then, she's then out for a week the day I get back, which means we need to get pretty much everything done by this coming Monday. It's likely to be a late one. Anyway, all of this has meant that for the last month I've been coming home from work and having almost zero interest in writing or using the computer for productive reasons and just wanting to turn off my brain.

Anyway! As a follow up post to the Ekka photo diary, I'm here with yet more photos I took while there, but this time from my Lomography Fisheye One, which seems to be my first (working) film camera. I was pretty happy that the majority of photos turned out, and for those extra few that didn't, I'll remember to use the flash next time. Psst, I also have an Olympus Trip 35 on its way to me in the post.

Brisbane Ekka with a Lomography Fisheye One // ellygray.com

Brisbane Ekka with a Lomography Fisheye One // ellygray.com

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28 August 2014

Thirsty Thursday - Naked Coffee, Elizabeth Arcade Brisbane City // ellygray.com

Naked Coffee is hidden inside the Elizabeth Arcade which runs between Elizabeth and Charlotte Streets. If you work in the area, you've probably heard about it, and for good reason. They brew Campos generally geared toward takeaway customers, as there is maybe one small square table and chairs on either side of the walkway. They offer limited takeaway food options that I've not yet tried.

The coffee pricing is average (well, for Brisbane it seems), at $4 for a small soy latte.

It can be pretty busy during the peak time of 8-9.30am, which is expected really given the amount of offices nearby, and the fact it is a main thoroughfare from a few bus stops.

I always enjoy Campos, and these guys know how to make it well. It wasn't overpowered by the soy, that's for sure.

I did also take photos... however when going to upload them just now have realised that I have in fact managed to delete them already... somehow. So let's just chalk that one up to it being a really long (loooonngggg) week. I'll have photos next time, I promise!


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13 August 2014

PHOTO DIARY // Brisbane Ekka show

The wife and I went to the Ekka on Sunday which is our annual show in Brisbane. We first went before we got together, and then we decided it would be a date every year. :-)

I took some photos on my Olympus, Samsung Galaxy S5 and my new Lomography Fisheye One - depending which was in my hand or around my neck, and if I hadn't got tired holding it and put it back in my bag. The fisheye will be my first roll of film when it's developed, so will be interesting to see how they turn out. (Technically my 'first' roll of film is stuck in a second-hand SLR I picked up a couple of years ago. I got about half way through the roll before it got stuck, and I haven't tried to find anywhere that might be able to sort it out). I did start a second roll in the fisheye, and am probably about half way through now, but have decided it's probably smart to get the first developed first to see if there are any particular things I should avoid doing for the rest of the rolls so I don't waste them. Until I get those developed (hopefully I can drop them off tomorrow), here are some of the other shots.

Fun at the Ekka with my Samsung Galaxy S5, Olympus OMD EM5 and Lomography Fisheye One... and the wife // ellygray.com

Fairy floss! Fun at the Ekka with my Samsung Galaxy S5, Olympus OMD EM5 and Lomography Fisheye One... and the wife // ellygray.com
Now this was a big moment right here... my first every fairy floss on a stick! I swear it tastes better than the tubs. Maybe it's just the novelty. 

08 August 2014

Thirsty Thursday 04 // Sparrow & Finch

Thirsty Thursday // Sparrow & Finch Brisbane City - ellygray.com

So I was all set to post this yesterday, and didn't end up getting back to my computer to finish it. I've been crazy busy at work the past couple of weeks for end of financial year reporting, which is pretty much going to be taking up my time until the end of September. Needless to say, I've been getting home from work this week and not wanting to look at a computer! Anyway...

I found this place on the way from my naturopath to work, so I figured that while I was at the other end of town, I might as well try a cafe in the area. I'd been past Sparrow & Finch a few times on my walks around the city and decided that today would be the day I finally make time to pop in.

Thirsty Thursday // Sparrow & Finch Brisbane City - ellygray.com 

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